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With the rapid expansion and use of public transportation, it has become necessary to seamlessly manage and control operations for ensuring secure and reliable travel for passengers. The bus management software offers automated bus transport solution. From booking to tracking the journey throughout, it has become imperative to keep track of all and available at your reach. Here, we take pride in doing the same. The most vital ingredients of our software programming targeted towards reaching the end customer with a promise of simplifying the transportation system. It enables anyone availing public transport and public transport authorities to monitor the movement of the vehicles. The bus management software of Axis Softech is an efficient route planning which makes the day to day task for transport very simple as its primary focus is on the safety of the passengers.

Being a cloud-based software system, ourbus management software creates routes for a one-off trip and provides information about the staff and buses available that day. The data gets securely stored and can be exported for auditing. Following are some of the pros that our specified bus management system offers:

  • Live Vehicle Tracking: The bus transport management system offers live GPS tracking for comprehensive monitoring of vehicles and their current location. It lets the passengers track and get accurate information about vehicles at any time. The passengers have an option to set alert for onboarding and off-boarding. The routes get managed and monitored, with accurate route-map while traveling through the bus transport management system. The company can monitor vehicle activities and generate reports of the driver. There are automated alerts for vehicle and driver to ensure vehicles are running smoothly.
  • GPS Tracker for Passengers: Keeping a close eye on all round convenience, theonline bus booking software provides the live location of passenger and vehicle. It informs about routes and other monitoring tools. Another benefit of online bus booking software is that it provides passengers with the accurate arrival time of vehicles at every stop in the vehicle’s route.
  • Arrival Forecast: With bus management software you can check the accurate arrival time of vehicles at every stop in the vehicle’s route. It provides you with the route database and the current location of the bus. The software solution alerts in case of delay in the bus service at every stop. It facilitates the passengers to see the current location of the vehicle and vehicle information. With the assistance of bus management software, they can select the preferred stop to exit the bus.
  • Real-Time Video Monitoring: The bus transport management system deploys real-time video monitoring that captures all activities inside vehicles. It alerts the server in case of an emergency. The bus transport management system provides an option for additional tools like automated logging of activities and alerts.
  • Public Information Displays: The bus management software has a single-screen information display at important vehicle stops provide the current location of buses, arrival and departure time, and delayed bus service with reason. Passengers without mobile phones can view the information on the display courtesy bus management software.

The software solution integrates Global Positioning System (GPS), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies. It allows the travelers, bus drivers, and coordinator to view information and receive alerts on their mobile phones.

With the facility like bus transport management system, the travelers have all-time visibility of the bus and can save time with arrival forecast, and view necessary information through public information displays. The transport owners will have an additional advantage of the all-time visibility of vehicles which allows them to manage vehicle routes, view and monitor all activities inside vehicles, and avail activity report on routes with mileage, duration, and stop timings to optimize routes and save fuel.

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