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Cab or taxi booking is a growing business which has the capacity to generate large revenue by employing cab management software as a substitute for the customary cab hailing system. It is possible to improve the quality of service and also automate and streamline the processes by making use of state of the art technology. Axis Safari offers online cab booking software that is loaded with a lot of attractive features. It serves as excellent cab management software to handle the complexities of the simultaneously running processes which make smooth development of the taxi business and ease the downtime. We have a team of dedicated and experienced developers who aims to build a quality app that covers all your needs.

Increased efficiency and reduced effort
Our website and mobile-based cab management application have research driven functionalities and features which will reduce your effort to cut overall expenses. It also aids in improving productivity, enhances the company’s profit and smoothens the cab booking procedure

Features of Axis Safari Cab

  • Simple to use: It is very easy to book a cab in minutes. With just a few taps on the app, you can easily book the cab.
  • 3-step simple booking: With Axis Safari Cab booking software, one can easily book cab following easy steps from anywhere and at any time.
  • Route tracker: There is no need to worry or get tensed to drive in a new location. Our software comes with an automated route tracker feature that notifies you when the cab is going on the wrong route.
  • Select a preferred route: Before beginning the ride, select the appropriate route through the software and the taxi or cab would follow it.
  • Booking confirmation: Our software offers instant booking confirmation message via mail, SMS and push notification immediately when the booking is confirmed.
  • Speedometer: You can remain aware of the speed of your cab anytime as the software offers details like the distance you have traveled, metered fare, the remaining distance to cover and other details.
  • Panic button: When you are traveling in a cab or taxi and experiencing any emergency situations like burglary, physical exploitation or a medical situation, you need to press the Panic Button. It is located on the corner of the mobile apps where it informs your friends, relatives, and local police through an automated voice call and SMS.

Why do you need to consider Axis Safari Cab Booking Software?

Ensure more bookings: It is completely different from the manual booking system as it allows a maximum number of bookings back to back through the application. This way, your customer would not hear that engaged tone when they book on the phone.

Enhances customer relationship: By offering professional and prompt service, you can make sure that you provide the best services to your customers. It helps in improving the reputation in the present competitive market and also strengthens the connection with your customers.

Provide safe travel: Axis Safari aids you in representing your cab business with an enhanced safety through features such as Card Payment, Route Tracker, Panic Button and much more. It helps in attracting more customers and increases your trustworthiness.

Reduce overall expenses: Axis Safari streamlines the processes and decreases the need for manpower through its inbuilt functionalities and features. It reduces overall expenses of your company and automatically enhances profitability.

Maintain full record without much effort: The best part of using this software is it maintains full travel history of the passengers you have served till date in a secure database. This way, you can obtain a clear picture of your business and plan for the future accordingly. It remains as solid proof in situations of any legal issue.

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