Car Rental Software

Car Booking Engine is a technical solution which provides car rental advance reservations to those tourists who plan their trip to visit various destinations. This software is API integrated which makes it possible for the users to reserve their vehicle.

Car Booking Engine that we design and develop at our place is a solution which provides online rental bookings of automobiles through the web application of organizations which offers tourism services to the users in all over the world. This very big solution has a database attached to it which tracks the bookings hence projects a clear image in front of users that which options are available for them and which are not. Rental vehicles are in trend for a long time because it is difficult for the tourists to travel in private vehicles.

Why Choose Axis Softech Pvt Ltd's Car Rental Software:

Axis Softech Pvt Ltd is a well developed and reputed organization which provides software solutions to travel consolidators, travel agencies, and companies. Domestic as well as international companies are in the run of getting their web portal developed. We are a partner company with those which are rental companies. We fix API code of third party as well which is known as third party integration as we provide you a customized solution as far as features of Car Hire Engine are concerned.

Features of Car Booking Engine:

  • Online booking service with the notification of completed bookings through email.
  • Booking cancellation feature.
  • Voucher print option after the reservation process.
  • Site management facility for the authorized members.
  • A big fleet including several models and categories of vehicles.

Advantages of Car Rental Website:

  • Special offers mentioned on the web application.
  • Policies and conditions for the services are already mentioned.
  • Advanced search criteria.
  • Additional services for users.

Axis Softech Pvt Ltd is the largest and award winning Car Rental portal developer of India. With variety of Car Rental online application the company boasts of having the largest market capitalization by per seat per month booking basis.

India is a mystery land offering much for tourists, visitors and even corporate associates to establish their business in various corners of the country. With this, Hotel and Hospitality Industry is a fast growing area to provide best suited accommodation to people domestically as well as globally. Our professional designers help you craft a perfect booking engine for hotel business which dazzles your vision into reality.

We, at Axis Softech Pvt Ltd, provide a complete makeover to the Hotel Reservation System, making the graphics and layout attractive, informative, and easy to give your customers a “wow” feeling when they access your booking engine. We help you to emerge as a brand and stamp your success in your areas of practice.

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