What do you mean by third party service?

Any service which is coming with the help of any third party supplier is called third party services. For Eg: all flight results are coming from a third party consolidator hence Flights are third party services. Hotel & Cars are coming from third party supplier hence Hotels & Cars are third party services.

What happens when I book a ticket and it does not show or gives any print out option?

An email will be shot to you immediately when you book a flight ticket. You will have to check your email and take out the booking id which will look like “A2098733”, copy this id and login to your account in the website using login id/password. Once you login, click on the main menu called- “My Flight Booking”, you will reach the transaction report page and at the right hand side of the page you can see, “Print Eticket”, when you click on the same, a new page will open up, which will ask you to enter: “Enter TransId” , please enter the id here and press SUBMIT, you will receive the ticket on your screen.

What is a soft account?

Soft account is like prepaid account, where you deposit a lump sum amount against your future bookings. For eg: if your customer called “X” searches for a flight from New Delhi to Washington and selects a flight for Rs. 40000/-, after selection he would like to book it and in order to execute the booking your soft account should have this 40000/- in your account (however this 40000/- might also carry Rs. 1000/- as your agent commission).

What will happen if my account does not have sufficient balance?

It is always advisable to keep sufficient balance in your account so that none of your customer leaves the portal without executing a transaction. In case your account does not have sufficient balance, the customer will receive a pop up saying the transaction cannot be executed due to unavailability of the fund.

What is the minimum threshold for keeping account balance?

Flight has a lower limit of Rs. 20000/-, Bus has Rs. 20000/- & Car has Rs. 15000/-, but it is always advisable to keep sufficient balance in your account. The above mentioned amounts are meant for keeping optimum balance in your account and are not subjected to allow transactions. This also means, that any amount over and above these amounts will only add to the transaction by the client.

If I have an inquiry to make, how should I do that?

In case of inquiry or complain you are requested to send an instant query on our support email id as well as update your customer panel with the same. You can also call to our support team within office hours.

Where can I register my Accounts/Finance related queries?

Anything related to your financial transaction or financial reporting etc, should be procured only from our finance department. You can send your inquiry on accounts email id or you can also call our account team within office hours.

What if the system generates any error or does not function?

The first thing that you need to do is to close the browser and open up the browser once again and then try to use the system all over again. In case the system again generates error, kindly capture the error by clicking on Print Screen button, capture the details along with top url and send it to the support team so that the team can take required action to fix it.

How can I make deposit or recharge my soft account?

You are requested to call the finance department on the above given numbers and procure the account number in which you can deposit or transfer your amount for the soft account. After the amount is credited to our account, we will activate it for your transactions. Please note, this activation will be done only during the working hours, hence you are requested to deposit the payments prior in advance so that you do not face any trouble.

What are the general software updates in the admin panel & are they free or chargeable?

There are two different types of updates in the admin panel, the first one which is generic and will be provided to all the clients homogenously will remain absolutely free of cost. Such updates will be done periodically by the company in order to enhance the productivity of the product. The second type of update which are exclusive & chargeable will be discussed and explained to the client separately, & only after the approval of the client such updates will be applicable to the product.

How important is the login id and password of the system?

The login id and password of the system are highly secure and are of great importance for you. Anyone who will have the login id and password of the system can do the bookings of all available services on your behalf & the money will deduct from your soft account. Hence considering the criticality of uses of admin login/password, you are requested to keep the above mentioned details highly secure.

How to cancel my ticket?

In case user wants to cancel his ticket, he can login to his account using his email id and password, go to the respective section under ticket and press on Cancel button. The cancellation request will be send to the airlines in order to process it. Once cancellation is processed the amount will be refunded to your panel after deduction of the cancellation charges.

Who is responsible for the refund of the cancelled amount & how many days does it take to receive your money back to your account?

Airlines are responsible for the refund of your amount and all cancellation shall be processed from their end only, however it will be routed through Axis Softech Pvt Ltd. Airlines does not define exact period for refund as it varies from airlines to airlines, however in general cases it is processed within 15 working days from the date of cancellation. This amount will be refunded in the merchant’s account by Axis Softech Pvt Ltd.
However, the amount which was deducted from the credit card of the website user, will be refunded by the credit card company to the merchant. This amount merchant should request its Payment Gateway to refund back to the same account of the website user.

Who should website user contact to or claim like refund or anything related to website?

Anything related to the functionality of the website, ticket cancellation, ticket booking, refund or any other related claims by the user of the website will be made solely to the merchant (ie, owner of the website) only. Axis Softech Pvt Ltd will not entertain any direct request from the end customer of the site & nor be accountable or responsible for any claims by the end user.

What are the Re-Schedule charges & Cancellation charges applicable on cancellation of each flight ticket?

Re-Schedule & Cancellation charges varies from airlines to airlines, however the cancellation charges can be seen on the "Fare Rule", which appears against each flight on the result page.

How to cancel Bus & Car Tickets?

User should login to his panel, select the ticket he wants to cancel and click on Cancel Ticket.

How to add markup on the flights?

Our admin panel provides you with the facility to add mark up against each flight, kindly utilize the service using our admin panel and add markup.

What is a white label solution?

Any third party solution which does not provide any control over the service to the merchant is called white label solution. For example, if the hotels are supplied from an agency called “X", and if these hotels are booked finally on the website of “X” and the payment is also processed to “X”, then this is called a white label mode.

What if I book a ticket by mistake, can I cancel it? Will the cancellation charges will still be applicable?

Yes you can cancel the ticket provided the service provider allows the timeline for cancellation and the cancellation falls under proper rules and regulation for cancellation.
The cancellation charges as per the norms of the service provider will of course be chargeable & you will receive the refund after the deducting these charges.

Is my data safe & secure?

Security is the prime concern of our organization and all the important security measures has been taken during developing this product to protect our customers from any kind of security risk or attack from third party. You are however, requested to keep your password for login safe and secure.
Can we get the booking details directly from the airlines after booking a flight ticket?
Yes, you can directly call to the airlines and provide them with the Airline PNR and discuss the details with him respectively.

What happens when I book any ticket against any service like Flights or Bus and the amount gets deducted but ticket is not generated?

Please do not panic in such situation, kindly inform Axis team against the same with a screen shot so that we can take due action against it and communicate with the backend supplier. In most cases this problem occurs due to issue in the supply from the backend and Axis team will do all its best to resort your issue.