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A well equipped transport portal is the one which has ample options for its users. It must carry a well distinguished amount of offers and facilities for travelling hopefuls and should be interactive enough to keep the users interested. We offer a travel agency booking engine providing easy solutions to your various travel problems. This service promises to cater to your travelling needs such as booking tickets, etc. Our trustworthy travel agent software ensures minimum risks and is highly reliable in terms of performance as well as security. We offer quality services along with the luxury of booking trips online

Travel Agency Software Development from Axis Softech Pvt Ltd are upright measures for bringing the much required change in the agency’s functioning and development process. We provide highly integrated business information systems for different types of tour management companies and travel agencies. In the current generation of neck to neck competition, travel management companies need to compete in the market with a high pressure from huge names in the travel industry. Continuation of use of outdated technology and ineffective processes will do no good in the market. With the increase in competition and the decrease in economic conditions the companies are more likely to suffer losses.

Web based Travel Agency Software will instantly benefit any travel website promoting hotels, resorts, villas, guest houses, apartments etc. this system provides an immediate, correct and cost-effective online booking engine. Travel software is designed and developed for Travel Operators and Inbound Tour Operators who make reservations of travelers and collect payment from them. Your customers will enjoy the facility of availability check, instant purchase of services and auto-generated email confirmation. You have the complete control over prices and availability at all properties entered into your database.

Benefits of Travel Agency Software for Travel Business:

  • With the help of automatic error proofing, you can enjoy a superior level analysis with less burden for tasks.
  • The software solutions from Axis Softech Pvt Ltd greatly minimize the requirement for multiple tour agency software systems.
  • A common interface with greater standardized tools helps in increasing the overall business productivity.
  • The time period needed to make travel management reports can be reduced to save more time for effectively managing different business tasks.

The valuable efforts from Axis Softech Pvt Ltd web professionals ensure a better performance for your Travel Agency Software and create better possibilities for growth.

Features of Travel Agency Software

  • Higher business revenue by using customary reporting competence for development of diverse marketing programs with the help of previous data. Client’s can sort out unrecognized vendor commission and identify service fees.
  • Staffing and overhead costs can be reduced and minimize manual intervention, error corrections and double entry with the help of improved workflow and automation. Workflow can be largely reduced between separate systems.
  • With effective management systems for both operators and users clients can improve the level of customer satisfaction. With the help of a single data source you can notably minimize the response time.
  • By the facility of creating notifications for customers you can get ease in sales efforts depending upon the market conditions.
  • With Travel Agency Booking Engine, reservations can be confirmed on the go and custom tailored itineraries are readily available for customers. Users can also create travel itineraries or can choose through a range of packages.

So to provide a good look and worthy measures in the market, Axis Softech Pvt Ltd travel agency software development team comes up with creative ideas that are suitable with the present market and works best for future conditions.

Axis Softech Pvt Ltd provides Travel Agency Software Development in all over the world. Being an Agency, you sell directly to consumers; therefore real-time connectivity to a wide range of suppliers is crucial. But linking to different suppliers, each with its own requirements is not an easy task. Our solution will provide you with efficient and beneficial XML integration of various different suppliers and allow you to aggregate all of the resources in to a single hub; which then presented in a uniform way to your users.

Travel Agent Booking Software facilitates user to make various bookings online. By using internet they can process reservations from home without going to third person. We provide you customized services which are able to enhance your business. By various features we design and develop perfect business oriented solution for our client companies. This system displays: existing bookings, agents credit limits, allows making new bookings, cancellations, splitting bookings, refund etc are the options.

Travel Reservation Software by Axis Softech Pvt Ltd facilitates customers by enabling them to make reservations like: hotel bookings, air ticket bookings, car rental services, bus bookings, tour packages and cruise bookings. By all these bookings travelers are enjoying a lot. They are having these luxury facilities to make their trip wonderful. Hotel Reservation Software enables users to book hotel rooms online by comparing prices. Bookings engine provides error free reservation atmosphere and also avoid wastage of time. By integration of best API codes these systems are most efficient. Manual work is reduced by this and hence less management is required.

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