Tour Management System

According to a report, online travel sales are growing over 12% annually and has reached more than 550 billion dollar. This became possible only due to application of information technology and proper tour management system and this remarkable growth is only seen in online travel business. Nevertheless, offline travel business also exists along with the online travel business; it is losing its luster day by day.

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Tour is quite different word from travel; tour comprises travelling, lodging and food. Due to development of road, rail and air, tourism sector has gained momentum. People tour one place to another for business, job, recreation, etc. The frequency of tour of an individual is being multiplied day by day. That’s why tour management software becomes necessary for the tourists. Thus a new phrase ‘tour management’ automatically gained the air.

Axis Softech Pvt Ltd has developed one of the best tour operator software. It offers world class of tour operator software which is ecommerce travel portal facilitates online distribution of flights, packages, hotels, transfers, etc. You can customize your tour software by integrating with different APIs and payment gateway. Thus with integration air, hotel, car APIs your customers themselves tailor their travel plans and different bookings of airs, hotels and transfers. Our tour management software authorizes the admin and travel partner to track the air, hotel car reservations and manage them fruitfully. It is so designed that the travel partner make reservations himself after getting the information like product, price, promotion, etc. Travelers get the overview of all the reservation carried out by the system.

With our tour management system, online travel agents can get additional travel reporting module, financial management module and online integrated e-commerce module. Our product is designed for large OTA's to small-to-medium-sized as well as large tour operators having complex business and is offered as local server solution or hosted applications.

Salient features:

  • Using social media allow customers to invite friends
  • Apply group discounts automatically.
  • Allow book multiple items simultaneously.
  • View availability list format or weekly calendar.
  • Select pick-up locations for shuttle service.
  • Embed your reservations pages into an outside re-seller website.
  • Override commissions per agency or per reservation.

In this way our best Tour operator software has brought a total change in the way the travel agencies used to work. Now a travel agency doesn’t depend on the traditional system of using a pen and paper to keep track of the transaction or depend on handwritten information pertaining to the details regarding dates and availability for airline, rail and hotel reservation.

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