Travel ERP System

For a MICE Company / DMC Operator / Travel Agency, Axis Softech Pvt Ltd offers world-class Travel ERP System which is a valuable tool of administrative information and control. Travel ERP Software can be used in every level of tourism and hospitality industry for Human Resource Management, Accounting Management, Sales Management, Enquiry Management, Client Management, Report Management, Quality Management etc.

Features of Travel ERP System:

  • HR management system
  • Financial accounting module
  • Customer relationship management module
  • Reports management system
  • Quality management module
  • Order and billing management system
  • Sales Management System

Modules of Travel ERP Software:

Human Resource

  • Employee database
  • Maintain records of your employees right from the recruitment stage
  • Attendance & Leave
  • Manage employee attendance & leaves
  • Credit leaves to your employees on a periodical basis
  • Manage different types of leaves
  • Salary & Payroll
  • Define different salary structures.
  • Calculate total salary payable for the month and generate pay slips automatically


  • Employee Registration Module
  • User Registration Module
  • Vendor Registration Module
  • Traveler Registration Module
  • Admin and Super Admin Registration


    The basics

  • Set up accounting periods, cost centers, chart of accounts, opening balances, taxes, ledgers, journals/books, currencies, exchange, customer credit limits and payment terms, all your yourself
  • Invoices/Refunds

  • Create invoices for various travel services offered in few steps.
  • Option to auto creates invoices for sales made on your booking engine.
  • Auto creation of flight invoices for tickets booked on Galileo, Amadeus, Abacus systems and select low cost airlines and third party suppliers.
  • Auto calculation of sales and purchase side taxes based on configuration.
  • Option to hide/display your charges on the invoice; print invoices for a different customer while accounting entries are passed for another customer.
  • Option to print all details or limited information of the invoice
  • Option to duplicate invoices, split an invoice into many or merge various invoices into one
  • Option to lock editing of back dated invoices post a specific period. Also, selectively provide access to specific users to edit such invoices
  • Create partial/full refunds with the click of a button from the invoice; all information and amounts will be pulled from the invoice record
  • Option to auto create refund records for all refunds made on your booking engine
  • Option to configure rules for calculation of taxes on refund
  • Option to configure the content displayed on refund/credit note provided to the customer
  • Option to duplicate, split and merge refund records
  • Options to map accounts to each component of an invoice or refund
  • Option to send invoice and refund artifacts by email, with the click of a button
  • Purchases

  • Auto creation of purchase records on confirmation of customer invoices/refunds
  • Auto reminders for payments to be made to suppliers
  • Attach supplier invoices/other artifacts, add supplier invoice numbers etc. to each record for future user
  • Receipts/Payments

  • Create receipts and payments directly from invoices/refunds/purchase records with the click of a button
  • Ability to allocate amounts to credit and debit (invoice/refund) records while creating the receipt/payment record
  • Ability to keep balance amounts open or write off while creating receipts
  • Options to create contra (bank to bank, bank to cash, cash to bank, cash to cash) entries, vouchers using one single screen
  • Print receipt and payment vouchers or email the same to your customers/suppliers, with the click of a button
  • Auto creation of bank reconciliation entries in case of check payments


    Manage sales

  • Create quotations by customizing packages on the go or choosing from one of the holiday products
  • Search from the list of available packages based on your customer’s requirement. Search by name, destination, country, duration, code etc.
  • Search for Group packages based on availability, hubs and departure dates
  • Create & send beautiful & professional looking quotations (with images) within five minutes; all prices, markups, discounts calculated automatically in no time
  • Request approval from managers for any additional discounts being provided
  • Send quotation using pre-defined email templates and with all details and product attachments in one go
  • Provision to create multiple invoices (with different customer names) out of one sale
  • Generate/send vouchers for all services with the click of a button

Enquiry Management

  • Capture enquiry details while you are on the phone with your customer.
  • Assign enquiries to your team members and track the same.
  • Schedule meeting, phone calls with your customers and have the system remind you of the same.
  • Create and assign tasks to yourself or your team members.
  • Request for approvals pertaining to any enquiry with your senior team members
  • Have a checklist in place for your salesperson; collect feedback from customers before completing an enquiry

Client Management

  • Client Management
  • Requirement Module
  • Booking Dates
  • Number of Pax
  • Destination Management
  • Package Management
  • Itinerary Management

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